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Core features

Using AutoLight's Motion Sensor Tech, You Can Light up Any Home – For Safety and Peace of Mind!

Why AutoLight

 AutoLight is safe. It will make any home where you install it more navigable for those who have limited sight or limited movement, which is a major positive for you and your whole family. 

Motion Sensor Light

✶door light ✶circular small wall lamp ✶wardrobe lamp ✶mirror front lamp ✶bedside lamp

PIR Infrared Technology

Using PIR infrared technology, AutoLight detects your body and immediately jumps into action. The ambient light turns on once the system picks up human body heat, and after 20 seconds without any body heat detection, it will turn off the light, meaning that you don’t need to lift a finger to work it.

Three Modes to Choose

There are three modes: PIR induction lighting (a.k.a. automatic), on mode (flip the switch so that the light stays on), and off mode (flip the switch so that the light stays off). The LED indicator tells you which mode you are in at any time.

5 Motion Sensor Lights

Door Light

Circular Small Wall Lamp

Wardrobe Lamp

Mirror Front Lamp

Bedside Lamp