A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp

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A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp
A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp

What is Zenlight Lamp?

Zenlight lamp is an implementation of both nature and modern design. It is a portable lamp that allows you to fix anywhere in your home, and when fixed to its stand, it turns into a 360 degree adjustable lamp.

What makes Zenlight special?

Return to nature

We use real wood as the casing of the lamp, and the “tree rings” of the wood are visible on the surface of the case. Thus, each lamp has a special and unique design on its own.

 Delicate craftsmanship

We embed touch sensors on the wooden case that doesn’t affect the appearance of the lamp. 

 Neat and cordless 

We understand the concern of consumers and created a lamp that doesn’t require any wire and plugging. It saves our consumers’ worries from plug adapters that could be a hassle. Zenlight Lamp is the portable designer lamp you ever need.

 Beech -Strong and durable, sturdy

coat with imported wood wax oil from Europe, eco-friendly and gives a natural shine to the wood


Zenlight lamp can be used as:

Reading lamp

Companion for late night studies

Refrigerator lamp

 Bedside lamp

Mobile lighting

lamp body can be fixed on any flat space

 Safe and Low EMF Lighting Zenlight lamp does not emit UV rays and it prevents users from getting headaches or feeling fatigue. You can check the UV radiation of the lamp by using the camera mode on your phone. If the screen on your phone shows flickering lights, it means the object emit UV rays that could be damaging to the eyes.   

Three levels of brightness

 Bright light suitable and comfortable for reading, soft light suitble as nigh lamb, not glaring to the eyes.

30-80 hours standby time 

 Comparison: No flashing, Protect Your Eyes

Radiation from lamp can cause headaches and fatigueness. You can check the the if a light has strong radiation through the phone camera

 Taiwan Epistar, good quality

Strong magnet design to accommodate to all kind of space requirements

 Design of 360°Magnet Suction Structure Light Body Adjustable at Any Angle

 N35 Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic force structure allows flexible positioning

Sensitive Touch sensor 

 The wooden casing of Zenlight lamp has a touch sensor that allows users to turn on the lamp, choose the brightness and turn off the lamp.

 Built in Battery Zenlight Lamp comes with a built in 2600mA battery that allows usage up to 50000 hours. The built in battery allows users to fix the lamp anywhere without worrying about plugs and wires.

You can take it anywhre you want 

What’s in the Pack


Product description :

380mm high, 120mm diameter, 5mm thick 

30mm wide, 130mm long, 40mm high product parameter 

Model number: reading desk lamp, wallpaper 

Material: European beech LED integrated module 2600 mA battery 

Power: 3W 

chromogenicity n. 80Ra 

Enter 5V 1A. 

Lumen: 360Lm Color temperature: 4000K (neutral light) 

LED Module: Unit 9*26mil SMD2835 

Net weight: 0.7Kg (including base)